Let us convince you: service that creates trust - products that keep our promise.

Welcome to Andreas Fahl Medizintechnik-Vertrieb GmbH

Since over 30 years, we have been supplying patients, partners and specialist retailers with aids for tracheostoma care.

Andreas Fahl Medizintechnik-Vertrieb was founded as a sole trader company in 1992, our business activities have always been dedicated to the tracheostoma care sector and the patient has consistently been the focus of our attention.

Irrespective of where the individual is on their rehabilitation journey - we help. 

These figures apply to our home market of Germany in 2020.

Our values as a family business

A successful and trustworthy partner for 30 years

The FAHL company - a trustworthy partner for patients and their carers, for clinicians in hospitals and in care facilities and for the specialist trade. To this day, the company's focus is on expansion. What started as a small office in 1992 has, over the past 30 years, established itself as an international role model and medical aid specialist in the fields of tracheostomy, laryngectomy and ventilation. The foundation of this success is based on high quality product, first class service and highly qualified and dedicated employees and partners.
The worldwide supply of around 4,000 medical devices is organised centrally from Cologne. The branch office was established in Berlin in 2002, with regional offices opened in Austria (2003), Sweden (2017) and Switzerland (2019). Starting with only a small number of employees when the company was founded, a total of more than 250 employees worldwide are now doing their best every day to provide seamless all-round care. Over the past three decades FAHL has provided needs-based care to over 150,000 patients in more than 80 countries.

Then as today, customers appreciate both the way we treat them as equals and the reliability of our service. We do our best to keep the FAHL promise and be a reliable partner, supporting you with aids which are suitable for everyday use.

To continue to meet our own high standards, far-reaching expansions both in the product portfolio as well as product variations are planned. Building on our decades of experience, the FAHL company exchange professional expertise with patients and their clinicians to aid this product development and refinement.

Code of conduct - our guidelines

As a responsible company and active participant in the growing medical technology sector, we stand by our values, social obligations and legal requirements. For this reason, we are making our Code of Conduct available not only to our employees but also to our partners.

What is the Code of Conduct? The Code of Conduct sets out how we want to treat each other. It serves to create a respectful and professional environment and to continuously improve our collaboration with our patients, partners and interested parties. Specifically, it helps us to avoid discrimination, harassment or bullying in the workplace and to strengthen mutual trust.

Who does the Code of Conduct apply to? The Code of Conduct applies to all employees in the company, all partners and suppliers, regardless of their position. It creates security in the workplace, in cooperation and helps to minimise legal risks.

Why is the Code of Conduct important? The Code of Conduct sets out rules and provides clear instructions in conflict situations. It is an important part of compliance management and contributes to a positive corporate culture.

We thank you for your support and look forward to continuing our successful cooperation.

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Andreas Fahl
Medizintechnik-Vertrieb GmbH

August-Horch-Straße 4 a
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Andreas Fahl
Medizintechnik-Vertrieb GmbH

Local branch Berlin
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Andreas Fahl
Medizintechnik-Vertrieb GmbH

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Andreas Fahl
Medizintechnik-Vertrieb GmbH

Branch Switzerland
Cherstrasse 4
8152 Glattbrugg

Phone: +41 (0) 448293060
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Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Sales and distribution

FAHL provide a product portfolio that upholds our promise, we care for all age groups of patients, clinics and the specialised trade. Our products are medical aids designed to support patient rehabilitation and to enable the individual to cope with the activities of daily living. 

FAHL offer a starter set that provides the basic postoperative care of tracheostomised and laryngectomised patients, together with specialist ENT aids designed to support rehabilitation later in the patient journey. Individual requirements can be catered for, with custom-made versions of specific products manufactured in the company's own workshop. Special sizes of tracheostomy tubes or tracheostoma protection products are also available by arrangement.

Our product portfolio at a glance: 

Children, as a result of their physical development, have frequently changing needs; special products, adapted to meet the anatomical and physiological requirements of the child, round off FAHL’s product portfolio.

Development and manufacturing

As a manufacturer, we can quickly accommodate the suggestions and wishes of our customers in the development of new products and in the improvement of existing products. Our own experience over the last 30 years is also beneficial to the development and manufacturing process.

Innovation and improvement

Close collaboration with the patient and clinical community has enabled FAHL to create patient-oriented, needs-based products that support rehabilitation. An example of this is the LARYVOX® EXTRA HME: four different densities of Heat and Moisture Exchange (HME) filter that provide variations in breathing resistance to suit the activity being undertaken by the individual laryngectomee. All four LARYVOX® EXTRA HME cassettes ensure the necessary heating, humidification and filtering of respiratory air, required to replace the lost upper respiratory function. The expertise in FAHL’s product development, evident in the LARYVOX® EXTRA HME range is reflected in the design and manufacture of all Fahl products. More than 100 granted patents, as well as registered designs/utility models, guarantee products that stand out in terms of function, form, design and colour. Exciting developments are pending too - numerous applications have been filed with the German Patent and Trade Mark Office for future product innovations

Our price-performance offer speaks for itself

We base ourselves on the current market situation so that our range of products and the accompanying product documentation always reflect the latest trends. Manufacturing products ourselves also enables us to offer prices and services that are attractive for customers, without sacrificing quality. In addition, a sophisticated warehousing concept ensures that the products that we offer are also immediately available, enabling orders to be processed without delay and the goods to be delivered.

Individual products and adaptations

If special adaptations are required for a particular anatomy or indication-specific need, the products can be individually adapted to the customer's needs. This is a service that is professionally implemented directly at the FAHL company in its own workshop. This enormously shortens delivery times due to individual product changes, so that those affected can continue to cope with their changed everyday situation.


Andreas Fahl

General Director

Ulrich Kraume

Authorised officer/Sales Manager Germany
Tobis Hölzemann Assistent der Geschäftsleitung

Tobias Hölzemann


Michael Brüggemann

Head of Branch Office Berlin

Bernhard Schneider

Export Manager

Andreas Lettner

Head of Branch Office Austria

Sebastian Hugot

Sales Manager

Quality management

The provision of high-quality products was a founding principle of FAHL and this remains of utmost importance to us, to ensure we can always guarantee the safety of our customers. Quality management has been in place since the company was founded in 1992. Quality standards, for products, as well as in all upstream or downstream organisational processes, are met and maintained. 

To guarantee consistent quality, our quality management system has been accredited by an independent certification body since 1998. In accordance with DIN EN ISO 13485:2016 and Annex II as well as Annex V of the European Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC, ANDREAS 
FAHL MEDIZINTECHNIK-VERTRIEB GmbH is regularly inspected and certified by an independent body in line with clearly defined and generally binding standards.

"Quality is reflected in stable and safe products in an ergonomic form."

For us, this quality standard means the development of products that are safe and state of the art in terms of form and function.

EN ISO 13485

ISO 13485


Annex II

Annex II


Annex V (Is)

Annex V (Is)


Annex V (Im)

Annex V (Im) Certificate