Our philosophy

For us, being a partner means meeting our clients at eye level, taking their concerns and needs seriously and responding to them with competence.


If you are convinced of our supply concept, place your trust in us and choose our company as your new supplier of medical aids. Our staff would gladly support and advise you in all matters relating to your individual tracheostoma care.

This is what matters to us


Professional care provides safety:

Treatment with individually fitted tracheostomy tubes and a needs-balanced choice of rehabilitation aids, avoid complications and improve the success rate of rehabilitation. Together with the patient, the physicians and therapists, our FAHL representative will select and adapt the necessary aids for you in terms of a correct indication, individual need and economic feasibility.

Your personal contact person:

The affected persons will be visited by a medical device consultants at regular intervals, or as required. The needs of the individual patients are determined together and possible product changeovers discussed, to develop solution-oriented care concepts. Consultation with the responsible physicians and therapists in the interdisciplinary team is an important aspect for us here.

Individual voice rehabilitation:

Voice rehabilitation after tracheostomy and laryngectomy has a high priority. Since the founding of our company, we have continuously dealt with this issue. Especially with regard to shunt valve care, we can offer our patients active support through a wide range of products and special aids such as phonation cannulas, speaking  valves and electronic speaking aids.

Benefit from using our network:

Good cooperation among the interdisciplinary team increases the quality of results in patient care. We therefore use congresses, exhibitions and seminars to form a network of specialists (physicians, therapists and care providers of other care fields) who act hand in hand with us professionally in terms of rehabilitation-oriented patient care.

Fast and reliable delivery provides relief:

The order is processed immediately by our employees and prepared for shipping. This enables us to always provide timely, punctual and needs-oriented deliveries.

Our speakers pass on up-to-date specialist information:

Our specialists are invited to speak at numerous conferences and events about professional management of tracheostomy tubes. We also offer our own onsite and offsite seminars and workshops. We coordinate customised training for your location personally with you on focus areas specific to your facility (such as secretion management and phonation during mechanical ventilation).

We pursue clear objectives:

We wish to provide professional care for tracheotomised and laryngectomised patients and strengthen the patients, relatives and caregivers in their activities in the best possible manner.

Join in! Your opinion is important to us!

When developing our products, we always make sure to listen to our customers' suggestion which enables us to offer improved or even new products.

Our guide and catalogue of medical aids "THE TRACHEOSTOMY MANAGEMENT"

We will send you our catalogue "Tracheostomy Management" to you or digitally via download. Please fill in the form below and confirm your entry.

"THE TRACHEOSTOMY MANAGEMENT" - with this guide and catalogue of medical aids, we would like the reader to join us on an informative journey through the various issues one faces after a tracheostomy or laryngectomy. Starting with a description of the anatomical changes after surgical intervention through to rehabilitation, the guide offers extremely detailed explanations and pays particular attention to individual situations, which are also illustrated.

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