Cleansing and care of the tracheostoma


The skin in the region of the tracheostoma is permanently exposed to many unfavourable factors.

the escaping secretion often irritates large areas of the tracheostomy environment, mechanical stress on the skin during cleaning and different pressure and traction effects from the tracheostomy tubes or base plates can cause significant skin damage. Special cleaning and care items are therefore particularly important for daily trachestoma care.

Various products are also available for the cleaning and care of tracheostomas. These are, for example, special cleaning wipes, which are essential if using fixable base plates with an HME filter cassette, for filtering, warming and humidifying the respiratory air.

1. Clean, degrease and dry the parastomal skin with an OPTIFAHL® stoma cleaning wipe.

3. Apply OPTIGARD® (REF 33600) around the tracheostoma to protect against skin irritation.

5. Carefully stroke the tape with your fingers for 5 minutes on the skin. This lets you achieve an optimal hold and avoid air inclusions.

2. If necessary, clean adhesive residues from the skin with an OPTICLEAR® (REF 33500).

4. Warm the base plate to strengthen the adhesive power. Then remove the protective film from the back of the LARYVOX® TAPE.

6. Fix the LARYVOX® TAPE with two fingers and carefully insert the filter cassette.