HME Filters

A tracheotomy or laryngectomy leads to a loss of breathing through the mouth and nose, in other words, the natural functions of the upper respiratory tract such as filtering, warming and humidifying the air we breathe can only be used to a limited extent or have been lost. To prevent irritation of the airways due to dry air, dust or harmful substances contained in the respiratory air, an external filter is required. After surgery, tracheotomised and laryngectomised patients often suffer from increased production of mucus and an urge to cough.

These symptoms can impair breathing as well as voice rehabilitation. The continuous use of a filter system for 24 hours a day, such as an HME filter cartridge, alleviates symptoms and promotes pulmonary rehabilitation. HME (Heat-Moisture-Exchanger-) filter cassettes are used to exchange heat and moisture in the respiratory air and to filter same.

For example, HMEs consist of a plastic housing with an internal foam with water-binding properties, which is available in different variants. The filter cassettes are placed directly on the tracheostomy tube or on the connector of a base plate (e.g. LARYVOX® Tape) and the air flows through them during inhalation and exhalation. Heat as well as moisture from the exhaled air is stored in the filter and released again during subsequent inhalation. This storage feature warms and moistens the respiratory air.

Various versions with different breathing resistances are available. HMEs with normal breathing resistance, Medium, HighFlow or Sport. The HighFlow design is particularly suitable in the case of significant physical strain and for new HME users.

The filter cassette is intended for single use and should be replaced after 24 hours. Suitable for day and night use, depending on the specification.

LARYVOX® EXTRA HME Filter Cassettes

LARYVOX® EXTRA HME (Heat-Moisture Exchanger) supplements the LARYVOX® SYSTEM as a filter cassette and provides all functions of a conventional filter cassette. It filters, warms and humidifies the respiratory air. In addition, LARYVOX® EXTRA HME is equipped with an easy-to-operate speaking option for patients with voice prostheses, and features an unobtrusive design.

By virtue of four different versions, the LARYVOX® MY EXTRA HME can be selected to suit individual activities and needs:. The SPORT variant, for example, is particularly suitable for sporting activities such as endurance sports due to its very low breathing resistance.

LARYVOX® EXTRA HME Filter Cassette Variants

Among other things, the four versions differ in that they have different foam material filters. The standard version LARYVOX® EXTRA HME is suitable for patients immediately after laryngectomy in situations with normal physical exertion. LARYVOX® EXTRA HME Medium features medium breathing resistance and can thus be used for situations involving physical activities. A HighFlow version is available in addition. By virtue of its low breathing resistance, this version is particularly suitable for situations with strong physical exertion and for new HME users. The LARYVOX® EXTRA HME SPORT has the lowest breathing resistance so that sufficient air is available even during great exertion, e.g. during sporting activities.


Normal breathing resistance for situations requiring normal physical activity



Breathing resistance for physical activities


Reduced breathing resistance for situations with strong physical exertion



Very low respiratory resistance specifically for sporting activities



Easy speaking option with a shunt valve

he rounded recess in the lid of LARYVOX® EXTRA HME additionally facilitates deliberate closure of the tracheostoma and renders the optimal finger position easy to feel. By exerting slight finger pressure on the HME lid, the patient is able to accomplish a very precise closure of the tracheostoma, for instance for speaking. The HME is thus sealed particularly tightly, preventing unintentional air loss from the side of the HME. Unpleasant side noises are reduced. The device can be operated even through clothing covering it.

Using the HME function (HME OPEN)


Using the speaking option (HME closed)


Unobtrusive design and easy application

LARYVOX® EXTRA HME consists of a beige plastic housing and a flat closing lid. Thanks to LARYVOX® EXTRA's plain shape and unobtrusive colour design, the HME-filter cassette is very inconspicuous. Lateral breathing apertures enable largely unhindered air flow even if the cassette is covered with clothing or additional tracheostoma protection material, thus enabling easy breathing. The HME filter cassette can be attached to all conventional base plates or silicone tracheostomy tubes with a 22 mm combi-adapter. The finger ledge on the housing enables easy handling and quick removal of the LARYVOX® EXTRA HME filter cassette from the holding ring, thereby facilitating expectoration and stoma care.


The filter medium integrated in the LARYVOX® EXTRA HME housing serves for exchanging heat and moisture and filters the respiratory air. Due to the loss of breathing by mouth and nose, filtration, warming and humidification of the respiratory air must be ensured in order to prevent irritation of the airways due to dry air, dust, or harmful substances contained in the respiratory air. After surgery, tracheotomised/laryngectomised patients often suffer from increased production of mucus and irritation of the airways associated with an urge to cough. Regular use of HME filter cassettes alleviates the symptoms through reduction of viscous secretions in the lungs and promotes pulmonary rehabilitation.

You can now create your own personal MY EXTRA HME. To do this, first select your filter: Normal, Medium, HighFlow or Sport. You can then determine the colour of the housing and the speech button (lid).
You can choose from 23 different colours and over 500 different colour combinations. The colours of the cover and housing can be combined in any combination. This gives you the option to choose your HME daily to go with your clothes.

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