Article no.: 14820-XX44

Size 7 - 13

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  • Tracheostomy tube for long-term use, can be used up to 3-6 months
  • Medical grade silicone: soft, pliable, lightweight
  • Bulging ring/Clip behind the 22 mm adapter allows connection to adhesive base plates (LARYVOX® TAPE)
  • Transparent, inconspicuous design
  • With 22 mm adapter (KOMBI) to connect HMEs
  • Fenestrated variant allows further the connection of a speaking valve

Custom-made sieve-fenestration tracheostomy tubes possible. Contact us and asked for more details.

The Laryngotec® KOMBI CLIP LINGO version features a 22 mm combi-adapter and is thus compatible with commercially available filter and valve systems with a 22 mm combi-adapter. This allows attaching special filters such as heat and moisture exchangers (HME), so-called "artificial noses". In addition, there are numerous small holes (“sieve”) in the cannula tube to allow the respiratory air required for speaking to flow out. Tracheostoma valves or speaking valves can also be simply and easily used here.

A feature of the Laryngotec® KOMBI CLIP LINGO silicone tube is a beaded ring below the combi-adapter, which enables the use of, for example, fixable base plates so that additional compresses or holding straps are not required. The cannula tip is specially rounded to prevent irritation of the mucous membranes in the trachea.