Regional Office Switzerland



By the way: Andreas describes the cooperation between Switzerland and Cologne as informal - we feel the same way and look forward to the joint further development of this young regional office.

In a representative survey, Konso, Institut für Konsumenten- & Sozialanalysen AG, found that the Swiss describe themselves as being reserved, tidy and friendly. In conversation with our Switzerland expert and field representative Andreas Faller, these results could be confirmed absolutely. And he is certainly capable of making this comparison. Andreas is originally from Austria and thus quickly recognises and experiences the character traits and differences. "In Austria, people tend to be more tough and hearty, whereas in Switzerland, people are more reserved and openly friendly," is how Andreas sums up the differences. 

The regional office in Switzerland is still relatively young, the office was opened in 2019 and is currently staffed with four employees. The major challenge is the diversity of languages in Switzerland. German, English, Italian and French - all these languages are represented in a single country. Of course, these national languages are mastered by our staff to be able to ensure optimal tracheostoma care in all cantons. 

Logistics is yet another challenge. As Switzerland is not part of the EU, customs keep a very close eye on what is being shipped, and this can sometimes lead to longer delivery times. But not to worry, the patients or the customers, such as the hospitals, don't notice these processes. The required medical devices are either shipped directly from within Switzerland or we already take this delay in logistics at the border into account when planning the delivery time. 

But woe to anyone who wishes to make a quick trip to a patient appointment. Always observe the speed limit in Switzerland; if you drive too fast, your beloved car may even be confiscated by the police and auctioned off.

So it's better to take your foot off the accelerator and arrive safely.