Purchasing department

Succes Story with Bruce Gutierrez Mesa

In purchasing, everything revolves around seven important questions with the aim of gathering complete information and thereby optimising the company's entire merchandise management processes. Because no matter which process is initiated, the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY, HOW and WHAT FOR are of central importance. This is similar to creating your own shopping list for different shops to be fully satisfied with your purchases at the end. Only the dimensions and urgencies differ significantly. In the end, our purchasing department really does procure everything that is required. This ranges from buying products by the pallet from different manufacturers for patient care to even the smallest things like the necessary paper clips. 

The actual purchasing process only plays a minor role here. As in private life, products, quality, delivery times etc. have to be compared and also checked for their sustainability. The associated upstream and downstream processes are equally important. Particularly in the context of new product additions, all individual specific data must be created in the system and checked on a regular basis. 

And by the way, minimum stock levels is a magic word in purchasing. This predefined key figure describes a minimum quantity for all stocked products and must be adhered to under all circumstances. If the stock falls below this level, this triggers the purchase process. Once the goods have been ordered, the delivery dates must of course be taken into account to ensure that everything is in the right place at the right time. 

Three purchasing specialists are currently employed by us to ensure that there is always enough product in stock and that our accustomed ability to deliver is assured. And then there are the additional telephone calls or urgent e-mails to speed up suppliers. Everything is aimed at ensuring that we can provide uninterrupted care for our patients. This is because the team is well aware that these are important medical aids, some of which are vital or at least noticeably improve the quality of life of the affected person. 

Bruce Gutierrez Mesa

Purchasing specialist with the magic personnel number 17. Or to put it another way, Bruce was the first trainee at FAHL, who has since been actively seeking and pursuing solutions in our company for a quarter of a century. His start was considered a great challenge by both sides. For him, it was an important step into a professional life, and from the company's side, it was the start into becoming a company that takes on trainees. The result: together they mastered this new path with flying colours. Bruce relives his experiences with the FAHL company and Andreas Fahl in person with a warm feeling. They have shaped his life to this day and been a source of satisfaction for him. Above all, it is the feeling of being a family and going through thick and thin together which gives Bruce the motivation to give his best, to contribute his personal skills and to participate in the further development of the company.