Production department


Sometimes production is a colourful place indeed. Admittedly, the coloured LARYVOX® MY EXTRA HMEs are assembled there, and with almost 530 colour combinations available, they offer an impressively wide range of choice. 

Not only are the LARYVOX® MY EXTRA HMEs assembled in-house here, but also the different standard LARYVOX® EXTRA HMEs. And if someone orders the emergency button (REF 90290) or the emergency patch for neck breathers (REF 90291), they will receive a small greeting from production and hold a product "Made in Germany" in their hands.

And "Made in Germany" means quality that has been lived for years at every level of production. As a consequence, our products are always assembled and packaged with care. Nonetheless, a high degree of flexibility is just as important here. For example, when a special order upsets the daily schedule. But what does a day in production actually look like?

The day regularly begins in the morning with a review of the production orders and their discussion. Priorities are set, capacities are checked and the plan for the day is drawn up. At this point, a special mention must also be made with regard to the great diversity of tasks in production. One thing is for sure, production, assembly and having all production processes under control are things that work particularly well on a team basis and have worked extremely well for us for decades. This deserves a special thank you!

Thorsten Berkele

To tell the truth, Thorsten is sometimes referred to as MacGyver in the company. He acts in the same spirit. And now and then you can hear: "Berkele will get it done". Not surprising, as he has been creating uncomplicated solutions of various kinds for the Fahl company since 1999. The production department or, in the broadest sense, the warehouse, is the perfect setting for his work. His willingness to help is one of his greatest virtues. The resulting recognition from other colleagues fuels him with the necessary motivation to achieve great things every day. He appreciates the collegial armosphere of cooperation that has not been lost despite the steady growth of the company. For him, Fahl represents stability, which has been increasingly proven over the years. While there was still slight uncertainty when he joined, this has now - today - disappeared entirely. And that is a good thing!