Back office sales department

The entire sales back office can best be described with the word SERVICE. And although the individual departments are divided in terms of what they do, the demands on the competence of the colleagues remain virtually the same. They are problem solvers, a source of ideas, organisational talents as well as communication professionals and much, much more in order to create individual solutions. And this happens every day, several times - for our customers, who appreciate our communication at eye level. 

Our sales back office is made up of eight different teams that handle a whole range of organisational tasks with impressive know-how. To ensure that everything runs satisfactorily, the teams work hand-in-hand, because every team depends on information from another team.

Yet, there is a big difference. This due to the segmentation of the target groups. The Trade team is the contact for national and international business customers, such as hospitals and specialist retailers. 

The other teams are the experts for differently affected patients, relatives as well as medical professionals and arrange everything that is necessary to ensure trouble-free care, ranging from the initial care kit to special organisational procedures with physicians and health insurance companies. A regular exchange with the field force is a matter of course in this process. This is where any special requirements are coordinated, where important questions are answered and solutions are proposed jointly. Of course, it sometimes happens that the customer's expectations are not fulfilled in certain respects. In such cases, we value your feedback so that we can react as quickly as possible and make any necessary corrections so that care can continue smoothly. 

At the end of the individual processes, the Billing team settles the invoices with the health insurance companies, private patients as well as our dealers. As you can see - many teams, many different tasks and challenges that we gladly face every day, all in the interests of customer satisfaction. 

Ulrike Bittner

Ulrike has already held various positions at the FAHL company. Not only did she get to know the different business premises in Cologne, but she was also able to contribute and deepen her knowledge in different departments. In close to 20 years one learns a lot and that's how long she has been a team member in the Fahl company. Currently, the TRADE team is her department, in other words she acts as contact person for the hospitals or the specialised trade. Ulrike particularly praises the cross-team cooperation and the general willingness to help among the entire staff. Unfortunately, there is also a minor downside for Ulrike. You always keep seeing new faces that you don't (yet) know. However, getting to know other colleagues and helping them to get started in the company is also a positive challenge.