Base plates are a special attachment system for daily use of filter cassettes.

The self-adhesive LARYVOX® Tapes are selected individually according to the anatomical situation of the tracheostoma and the patient's type of skin in order to achieve an optimal wearing period as well as fixation. The filter cassette is fitted in place in a 22 mm combi-adapter and can be changed separately from the base plate if required. The combination with a special silicone cannula, the so-called "Clip System“ (e.g. LARYNGOTEC® Kombi Clip) or a suitable shower protection is also possible in principle.

We offer the tapes in various shapes and sizes, made of different materials and with different adhesive strengths.





In addition, care should always be taken to ensure that the LARYVOX® tapes are removed properly and without harming the skin. Special accessory items such as OPTICLEAR® plaster adhesive remover, OPTIGARD® skin protection and OPTIFAHL® stoma cleaning wipes support the professional base plate changing. In addition, a peel-off aid facilitates rapid removal of the protective film as well as gentle removal of the base plate from the skin.

Our qualified sales representatives will be pleased to assist you with the individually suitable selection of the base plate, the professional preparation of the tracheostoma as well as the correct handling of the LARYVOX® tapes in a personal appointment on your premises.

LARYVOX® Tape HYDROSOFT is a base plate with special material properties for use in certain situations, for example after radiotherapy or for differently positioned skin problems. Available in three different shapes (round, oval, XL oval) for optimal adaptation to the tracheostoma region.

The special, very supple and skin-friendly hydrocolloid-based material offers a high level of fixation comfort. A special effect is given by the ability of the hydrocolloid to enclose fluids/secretions to maintain the overall moisture environment of the skin. This product proves to be particularly useful for sensitive skin, e.g. directly after surgery.


Warm the base plate to strengthen the adhesive power. Then remove the protective film from the back of the LARYVOX® TAPE HYDROSOFT.




  • Available in three different shapes: round, oval, XL oval
  • Preserve the moisture of healthy skin
  • Especially suitable for sensitive skin
  • Skin-friendly hydrocolloid-based material
  • Hydrocolloids trap fluids/secretions and support wound healing
  • Skin-friendly and gentle removal of the plaster