A decannulation patch is applied after weaning and removal of the tracheostomy tube.

The FAHL® DECANNULATION TAPE decannulation patch is used to close the tracheostoma. The patch adapts perfectly to the shape of the tracheostoma. Due to its large contact surface and the individually inflatable cuff, the patch seals the area of the tracheostoma well and ensures that no air escapes when speaking. The cuff is inflated with air via a special valve device, e.g. by means of a syringe or cuff pressure gauge.

The FAHL® DECANNULATION TAPE is available in six different versions for optimal adaptation to the tracheostoma.

The material used is breathable and thus offers the highest wearing comfort. The individually fillable cuff enables creating customised pressure closure of the tracheostoma which also influences voice formation (phonation) and its optimisation. The following handling steps must be observed:



1. Clean, degrease and dry the parastomal skin (the skin surrounding the tracheostoma) with an OPTIFAHL® stoma cleaning wipe.

3. Fasten the FAHL® DECANNULATION TAPE over the tracheostoma.

2. Remove the protective film from the back of the FAHL® DECANNULATION TAPE.

4. Fill the cuff with 10 ml of air using a disposable syringe via the lateral filling tube to seal the tracheostoma.

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5. As an alternative, a LARYVOX® TAPE EXTRA FINE can also be used in conjunction with a FAHL® MULTI PLUG. To do this, stick the LARYVOX® TAPE extra fine onto the tracheostoma.

6. Then fix the FAHL® MULTI PLUG to the 22 mm combination adapter of the LARYVOX® TAPE EXTRA FINE to close the tracheostoma and ensure safe decannulation.

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