Fahl is versatile!


There are indeed several answers to the question "What does the FAHL company actually do?", for example:

  • We are a manufacturer of medical devices for tracheostomised and laryngectomised patients.
  • As a dealer, we sell both our own and third-party products at home and abroad.
  • In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, we are actively involved in out-patient care with more than 80 field staff.

We devote our full attention to each of these areas: as a manufacturer, we have over 100 protected patents and design patents, and we still have quite a few in the pipeline. We cooperate with certified suppliers of raw materials and, due to the variety of products, use other production sites in addition to our headquarters in Cologne, but mainly in Germany.

As a distribution partner of other manufacturers, our own product range can be usefully expanded to ensure needs-based care for tracheotomised, laryngectomised and also ventilated patients and to expand the offerings for trade customers. As a medium-sized company, this also puts us in competition with international suppliers. However, with 4,000 products, we can offer our patients many additional options that make tracheostomy care a custom fit.


As a service provider, FAHL is one of the larger companies in the German-speaking region. "In Germany and Austria, we are able to provide patients nationwide with prompt care in the subsequent homecare sector as part of transition management from the hospital," explains Andreas Fahl. "In addition, this also puts us in a position to continue caring for our patients in an uncomplicated manner in these regions when they are on holiday and enables us to respond immediately if necessary. A phone call to the familiar telephone number is all it takes, and we organise everything necessary in-house. Customer-oriented interaction at eye level is important to us."

In addition, the company has focussed on continuously expanding its national and international contacts for many years, as well as on networking with specialists, clinics and medical institutions. Good contact qualities are very important for a targeted professional exchange.

Effective networking, for example with self-help and in particular with specialists from other areas of care, serves to provide patients with holistic and solution-oriented care.


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