Article no.: 47400

PZN 10331531

  • To prevent ingress of water into the trachea during showering
  • Opening for air supply tilted downward in a 90° angle to prevent the ingress of water while
  • At the same time providing sufficient air to allow breathing without anxiety
  • With multi-adapter: Can be connected to devices with 15 mm connectors (UNI), e.g. to tracheostomy tubes as well as to devices with 22 mm adapters (KOMBI), e.g. to base plates like LARYVOX® Tape Flexible
  • Tight connection between tracheostomy tube or base plate and the LARYVOX® SECUTRACH®
  • LARYVOX® SECUTRACH® must never be used while taking a full bath or during water sports activities

Product description

The LARYVOX® SECUTRACH® shower guard consists of a plastic housing and serves to protect the tracheostoma while showering and washing hair. The shower guard prevents water from entering the tracheostoma.

The shower guard features a central opening with a 15 mm inner diameter, allowing connection to a 15 mm connector. The outer diameter of the end piece/connector is 22 mm, and is thus also compatible with all commonly used 22 mm mounting systems.

Please note that the LARYVOX® SECUTRACH® shower guard is only intended for the protection of the tracheostoma while showering and washing hair. It does not provide protection when taking a bath. Only use the LARYVOX® SECUTRACH® shower guard in combination with the respective recommended aids, such as the LARYVOX® Tape Flexible base plates, so that a sufficient connection and seal to the tracheostoma can be established.