Successfull for more than 30 years!

It all started with an idea, a big dose of drive and a we-can-do-it spirit!

In the 1990s, in 1992 to be precise, the FAHL company was founded in a small office in Cologne. Today, after 30 years, the company is still based in Cologne. However, we have grown considerably in comparison. Starting from a one-man start with family support in 1992, today a total of more than 260 employees at five locations provide seamless care for our patients. 

Our goal is to support the holistic rehabilitation of our patients in the best possible way so that they can cope with everyday life. That is why we stand as a reliable partner at the side of the affected patients and relatives, but also of the nursing staff, therapists and attending physicians. 

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Our guide and catalogue of medical aids "THE TRACHEOSTOMY MANAGEMENT"

We will send you our catalogue "Tracheostomy Management" to your home or digitally via download. Please fill in the form below and confirm your entry.

"THE TRACHEOSTOMY MANAGEMENT" - with this guide and catalogue of medical aids, we would like the reader to join us on an informative journey through the various issues one faces after a tracheostomy or laryngectomy. Starting with a description of the anatomical changes after surgical intervention through to rehabilitation, the guide offers extremely detailed explanations and pays particular attention to individual situations, which are also illustrated.

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The FAHL Story

Quick and easy of ordering your medical aids

Issuing a prescription

Your clinician /general practitioner will be able to write you a prescription for your tracheostoma care devices

Sending the necessary documents

The prescription is then submitted to your Dispensing Appliance Contractor of choice who will be able to advise you on availability and delivery times and ensure that product reaches you as quickly as possible.

Always a suitable solution

If necessary, our international partners in conjunction with your clinician can advise on the right aids for your circumstances.

Ordering your medical aids

You can place an order directly with your Dispensing Appliance Contractor and they will then send you your products as quickly as possible.

Speedy delivery of your order

The ordered products will be sent to you within the shortest possible time, usually by mail. This way we ensure a continuous supply.

Patient stories

Examples of the holistic rehabilitation of our patients. Each portrait tells its own experience and provides insight into life with a tracheostoma.